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Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Over the past decades, the world leader in growing sunflower and producing high-quality vegetable oil has become Ukraine. Sunflower oil wholesale Ukraine sells for the second decade in a row. Manufacturers of sunflower oil have successfully mastered markets far beyond their homeland. The countries of the EU, the Middle East, China, India have been importing Ukrainian sunflower oil for many years. It is successfully implemented in the CIS. Producers of sunflower oil in Ukraine produce it as much as once produced all regions of the Soviet Union.

Wholesale trade

Export of cereals

The company has been working on the grain market of Ukraine since 2006 and has established itself as a reliable partner of the largest grain traders in Ukraine.

The main activity of the company is the wholesale purchase of grain crops, such as barley, corn, rapeseed, sunflower, wheat. In addition, the company also handles grain processing. Another of the activities is the sale of agricultural products (wheat, oats, barley, oil crops, such as rapeseed and sunflower). If you need to sell or buy grain, the company will help you to do it quickly and profitably.


Export of timber

Export of timber, export of timber, export of sawn timber from Ukraine

We are engaged in the production and sale of sawn softwood and hardwood. The ambitious company exports timber to the countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. During its existence, the company has established work with road and rail transport, companies engaged in container transportation, sea and river ports



Production and distribution of food products. Export of food products from Ukraine

We offer you high-quality service and reliability of a business partner. Our long experience of sending consolidated cargo to the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel gives us the opportunity to satisfy the highest demands of our foreign partners. Understanding the importance of the stage of preparation of products for shipment, namely: gluing stickers in the language of the customer's country, packing and packaging of cargo, our employees make every effort to ensure that partners are satisfied with the goods and services received. Accuracy, accuracy, loyal attitude to regular customers, flexible system of discounts and focus on results are qualities that our customers value in us.

Non-GMO Products

We grow only non-gmo products

Natural & Organic

We cooperate only with proven suppliers of natural and organic products

Export Leader

We are a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality food products.


Its industrial equipment, production lines, factories, machines, production technologies

Buy only quality products

Do not chase for the cheap: remember, miser pays twice. The main thing, buy only quality, certified additives, which are made from natural products.

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Only natural products - food products, without flavors, chemical additives, they contain no carcinogens, flavor enhancers, flavors, etc.

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