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About us

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The company LLC "Ukraine Organic Group" is a Ukrainian exporter of cereals with experience of international trade for more than 12 years. The company was founded in 2005 and began to develop dynamically, gaining success in the domestic market, and beyond. Now we are exporting grain products to direct customers, but at the same time we are actively cooperating with major international traders such as Noble, Louis Dreyfus, BTG, Nibulon and others..

Mission & Vision

Most often we export corn, food and fodder wheat, barley. Also, LLC "Ukraine Organic Group" exports soybeans, rape and other cereals. Now we are striving to expand our activities - we are developing trade in sugar, sunflower oil, wheat flour and other products.
We supply grain products from all regions of Ukraine and we work with more than 35,000 farms. The average monthly supply of shipments is 5000 tons of goods. Deliveries are carried out by all types of transport - rail, sea, road.


The company LLC "Ukraine Organic Group" constantly expands the range of countries to which it exports Ukrainian grains, and seeks to establish long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal today is to strengthen our positions in the markets of our direct consumers in Europe, Asia and Africa.


About Us

Only natural products - food products, without flavors, chemical additives, they contain no carcinogens, flavor enhancers, flavors, etc.

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